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I'm pretty bullish on Chromebooks/ChromeOS as the operating system of the future. By default everything is in the cloud (as it should be) and synced across all your devices. Secure. Fast. Simple. Doesn't get slowed down by OS add-ons like Dropbox or antivirus software.

It's still a little rough around the edges. (And I wish they would let you keep the same keyboard shortcuts from MacOS or whatever OS you're coming from). But you can see the potential in it. Awesome accomplishment and long term vision from Google.

With the PixelBook there is finally decent hardware for it. But still not Apple quality. It's great to see Google continuing to invest in hardware as well.

As a general rule Google is better than Apple on software, and Apple is better than Google on hardware.

How great is it to have two companies producing great options and competing vs a single player. Customers will be the beneficiaries.

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