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I'm not sure Americans understand how historically significant it is that *George Nader* is currently in federal custody. Unless Bill Barr is able to scuttle the investigations for which Nader is a cooperating witness, the leverage the feds now have on Nader could change history.

1/ That very few Americans reading my last tweet would have any idea why Nader being in federal custody is even *moderately* significant, let alone historically so, is perhaps the gravest indictment of US media coverage of the Trump administration one could possibly point toward.

2/ I'll put it simply: George Nader was a Saudi, Emirati, Russian, *and* Israeli agent/interlocutor who met *repeatedly* with the top brass of the 2016 Trump campaign before the election, during the transition, *and* after the election. Think that matters for the "grand bargain"?

3/ Nader is facing 15 to 40 years in prison, now. What questions *won't* he answer if asked by federal law enforcement? The only question is whether those questions will be asked. Fortunately, whether they are or not, I plan on making George Nader a star with my forthcoming book.

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