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Don’t mind the military police, the miles of concertina wire or the bright red and yellow signs warning of 200,000 landmines.

It’s all part of the experience of hiking in the demilitarized zone, the 2 ½ mile-wide buffer strip between North and South Korea  http://ow.ly/LBNa30p0eLq 

It’s no Yosemite, but the DMZ features some stunning coastline with sweeping ocean vistas and a clear view of Mt. Kumgang, the North Korean mountain range famed for its beauty. Below, Park Hye-hi, age 10, poses for a photo. 📸: @vicjkim  http://ow.ly/LBNa30p0eLq 

The coastal trail is open each day to two groups of 20 hikers — chosen by lottery — who are assigned to a tour guide and herded along by unarmed military police who don’t hesitate to sternly tell hikers when they’ve step out of bounds. 📸: @vicjkim  http://ow.ly/LBNa30p0eLq 

Trump is expected to visit the DMZ, where American soldiers are stationed to keep peace as part of the United Nations Command, when he visits Seoul this weekend.  http://ow.ly/LBNa30p0eLq 

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