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Art aficionados and Toulouse locals alike have been mesmerized by a Caravaggio painting’s unlikely discovery in a local attic in 2014, starting a journey that was to end Thursday with an auction.  http://ow.ly/6o9A30p0r2w 

With ancient homes and apartments often stuffed with old paintings, the Caravaggio left Toulouse residents fantasizing about what might be lurking in their own attics. Below, the attic where “Judith and Holofernes” was found. 📸: Marc Labarbe  http://ow.ly/6o9A30p0r2w 

After its discovery, the painting was shipped to Paris, where after three months of study, a research team came to a conclusion: It was a Caravaggio. 📸: @obrien  http://ow.ly/6o9A30p0r2w 

“Judith and Holofernes” was estimated to fetch bids of $115 million to $170 million, but the story took yet another turn today when a mystery buyer stepped forward and bought the painting before the auction could take place.  http://ow.ly/6o9A30p0r2w 

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