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1. I get the anger of these employees but they have to remember that if we pressure companies to not sell beds for migrant children to sleep on, border agencies will likely house kids on the floor or turn them away. Only Congress can fix this, literally tomorrow, if they wanted.

2. If you’ve ever driven across the country, you’ve noticed just how much open land we have - we can definitely accommodate more immigrants, including low-skilled ones from Central America. Congress needs to budget for that immigration process, however. $35 billion would fix it.

3. That $35 billion to fix the immigration system includes building more humane migrant processing facilities at the southern border. BTW, that is less than what Congress handed to Israel (an already rich country with $42,00 GDP per capita) just last year. 

4. BTW, one of the founders of Wayfair , Niraj Shah, is the son of immigrants from India. Shah graduated from Cornell University, where he earned a bachelor's degree in engineering. He now employs 10,000 people, including 4,000 in Boston (and hired his father too!).

5. Remember, this has been happening for a while now - these are photos from 2014. Press + public protested briefly, then moved on. Only way to fix this is by urging Congress to take action. Congress can literally change immigration laws and fund asylum system properly overnight.

6. Federation for American Immigration Reform put the five-year price tag for resettling refugees at $8.8 billion in federal + state costs. While many believe US can’t afford to take in refugees, we gave a very wealthy country 4X that amount just last year. 

7. So instead of attacking a company (especially one run by a son of immigrants employing 10,000) for providing beds for migrant children, I suggest you take on members of Congress and challenge them to fix the broken immigration system that they created.

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