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1. Hearing from sources that there are no plans by Trump for a cap on H1-B visas for Indian tech workers who contribute tens of billion$ to global GDP. Trade issues have become an irritant in India-US ties. India relies on oil from Iran, but Pompeo wants India to buy more US oil.

2. India is third largest importer of oil and its imports from US (now largest producer of oil) outpaced growth in oil shipments from its traditional suppliers in the Middle East, after Trump imposed sanctions on Tehran, according to tanker arrival data. 

3. Partly to overcome H1-B visa caps and cumbersome immigration process for tech talent, major US tech giants have set up innovation hubs in India. Uber, for eg, is turning its India operations (which generates $1.7 billion for Uber) into a global R&D lab. 

4. Innovation centers for US multinational giants in India have nearly tripled over the last five years, creating new wealth + tax revenue for both US and India - in fact, key pieces of tech/apps we use everyday are now being developed/refined in India. 

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