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This is good news, of course - I think it's right to cease publication of the book. But I think the idea the Spanish edition isn't antisemitic is an insult to people's intelligence, and I'd like to know how the changes happened in the English version.

Setting aside interviews, the text about the Rothschlds in the Spanish edition is simply the antisemitic conspiracy theory about them, claiming they have gigantic economic power and an unaccountable and hidden ability to influence and 'intervene in key global decisions'. Come on.

This is factually incorrect, but also antisemitic, and if you can't see it you need to educate yourself on the basics of antisemitic conspiracy theorism, of which this is one of the best known:

To learn from this episode might have involved being a little more transparent about this process - after all, the internal review was also supposedly thorough, and this was only taken to an external one after I researched the book some more.

The question, really, is why the Rothschild passage was not in the English book if it wasn't seen as antisemitic (and still isn't, apparently - the Rothschild conspiracy theory!). This applies even more to the material about George Soros.

As I discussed in this thread, some material on Soros is in the English edition, but has been edited in such a way - both omissions and additions - that suggests whoever did it was well aware the original was antisemitic: 

There *is* antisemitic material in the Spanish edition, about the Rothschilds and Soros, and I'm not sure you can learn lessons from this if one still denies that, or don't account for why it was deliberately softened for the British edition.

I've found this whole incident frustrating and saddening. I'm glad the right decision has finally been made, but don't feel any wiser as to how or why this all happened, or especially reassured. But there we are.

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