David Roberts @drvox Seattleite transplanted from Tennessee; now blogging for vox.com/ about energy politics. Climate hawk, deficit dove. Not a doctor. Jun. 26, 2019 1 min read

This is your must-read thread of the day. @willwilkinson thinks the GOP will eventually have to moderate or become irrelevant. I think America's white minority is more likely to spark violence or blow the system up than cede power gracefully.

One consistent theme in political commentary for my entire adult life: the US conservative movement can't keep getting crazier, it must moderate soon! Been hearing it since the early '90s. Yet the promised moderation never, ever arrives. They can *always* get worse.

One problem with the "GOP will moderate" theory/prediction: it presumes that there's someone inside the machine thinking & strategizing. But the whole problem is that the party has been subsumed by its media, which has unleashed its base's ugliest instincts. No one's in charge.

It's one thing to realize you need a party comfortable with modernity & multi-ethnic democracy. But if the actual people in your party are hateful, revanchist whites ... what do you do? You can't just conjure them away. 50 years of inertia can't just be reversed on a whim.

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