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In a few hours I'm getting on a plane to Stuttgart. Over the next week, I'm heading up north to Halle, to interview Prof. Harald Meller about the mysterious Nebra Sky Disk - the earliest depiction discovered of the night sky... /1

I'll be visiting the Museum for Pre-History in Halle, in Saxony, where the Disk is kept, and also the Arche Nebra, close to the site of the discovery of the Disk. /2

I'll also probably be going to the Heuneburg, close to Stuttgart - possibly site of the earliest 'city' north of the Alps. The state government of Baden-Württemburg is spending millions upgrading the site for visitors. /3

While stuff is destined for publication, look out for stuff I'll post over the next week - both here & @Patreon! /FIN

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