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However. It is pretty fashionable among some people to over-generalize and say that anything that doesn't use simple words and short sentences is bad writing. It isn't the case, and this isn't my point.

Simplicity and efficiency are only requirements for utilitarian writing.

Most of our communications are either social (aiming at creating contact and trust -- small talk, gossip) or utilitarian (conveying information or getting someone to do something -- meetings, work emails, most non-fiction). But there's a third category, too, where fiction belongs

Interestingly, Twitter, for the most part, is neither social nor utilitarian. It is pointless. It is most closely related to fiction -- a good tweet states a truth that resonate with people. Like maxims. Or like fiction in general.

Stating a truth doesn't have to be done with simple words and efficient sentences. Sometimes, simplicity may be appropriate. Sometimes not. Sometimes the aesthetics or ambiguity are the entire point.

If your writing isn't utilitarian, write however you want.

But write your ML papers clearly.

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