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The life of a Sikh trucker is one of contrasts. On one hand, you see the diversity of America. But you also see the relics of the past and the reminders of how you, as a Sikh in 2019, still don’t entirely fit in.  https://lat.ms/2xbZTsj 

There are 3.5 million truckers in the United States. California has 138,000, the second-most after Texas. Nearly half of those in California are immigrants, most from Mexico or Central America. Now, Sikh immigrants and their kids are increasingly taking up the job.

Estimates of the number of Sikh truckers vary. In California alone, tens of thousands of truckers trace their heritage to India. The state is home to half of the Sikhs in the U.S.  https://lat.ms/2xbZTsj 

Like trucking itself, where the threat of automation and the long hours away from home have made it hard to recruit drivers, the Punjabi trucking life isn’t always an easy sell. Many drivers are met with suspicious glances or discrimination.

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Behind the story: Here’s how @jaweedkaleem found the world of Sikh Punjabi truckers.  https://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-col1-sikh-truckers-search-20190627-story.html 

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