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One thing I'm noticing today in coverage of the first Democratic debate is that many in media feel various Democratic challengers did good work for themselves by rudely yelling over Beto O'Rourke during his allotted time to answer questions while average voters saw it differently

1/ Of all the debate performances that divided media and voters, Beto's is at the top, though I note the media narrative about his performance was conveniently identical in all respects to the narrative the beltway class had already publicly decided upon and cemented pre-debate

2/ To be clear, as I said yesterday I thought Castro (e.g.) had a fantastic debate, better than Beto, but when I hear folks say that they were unable to determine where Beto stood on various issues my reaction is what debate were you watching I had no problem with that whatsoever

3/ It's totally cool not to like Beto or to think his policy ideas are silly but what I'm reacting to is a certain disingenuousness surrounding how he is discussed

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