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If you think this story of what happened behind the scenes is crazy...

...wait until you read PROOF OF CONSPIRACY.

This is the tip of an iceberg whose size will leave you in awe. It certainly did me. 

1/ From the body of the Daily Beast article comes a headline that could easily have been its own international breaking news: "Kushner Was [in 2017] Essentially Running His Own Shadow State Department"

Process that.

2/ If you want your mind blown, read this as you read about Bannon and Kushner's secret meeting with the Saudis on the blockade of Qatar. Short version: it was nearly a full invasion that could've led to WWIII⁠—and Tillerson was fired for *preventing* it. 

3/ So when some of us try to sound the alarm on how dangerous Trump & Kushner are, realize we're not messing around: we're talking about the possibility these men will, for venal/asinine reasons, plunge us into the biggest war of the century. Everyone must start paying attention.

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