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Truck Stop 40 is easy to skip. But to hundreds of Indian American truckers passing by each day, the two words not in English are more appealing.

“Taji roti,” they say in Punjabi. “Fresh food.”  https://lat.ms/2IUdMlB 

Today, as the number of Sikh truckers has grown, dozens of no-frill highway stops selling food from India’s Punjab region have sprung up. Truck Stop 40, on the outskirts of Sayre, Okla., population 4,625, is among the oldest, biggest and best known.  https://lat.ms/2IUdMlB 

Read more from @jaweedkaleem on how a rural Oklahoma truck stop became a destination for Sikh Punjabis crossing America.  https://www.latimes.com/columnone/la-na-col1-sayre-oklahoma-sikhs-20190627-story.html 

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