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I'd caution any political commentator to be *really* careful about calling a single exchange in a single debate a "mortal wound" in {checks notes} June 2019

I know some folks in media really hate Beto for reasons that are unclear but they need to do a *much* better job hiding it

1/ I support decriminalizing border crossings, but the idea that using a criminal statute to at least permit detention in an extraordinary case while treating all other cases as non-detention misdemeanors (which nearly all misdemeanors end up being anyway) is not beyond the pale

2/ What David is taking advantage of here is the fact that most Americans don't know that we actually *very rarely incarcerate* people charged with misdemeanors, meaning that arguably the position Beto has taken on this statute is as or *more* educated than David's critique of it

3/ As anyone who's read this feed for a while will know, I *really* don't like it when commentators use Americans' misunderstandings of the U.S. criminal justice system to score political points; again, it's a fact that most misdemeanors *do not lead to incarceration* in America.

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