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In an hour, I’ll take the stage for the first Democratic debate to discuss my vision for the country. As I’ve said from day one, I’m running for president for three reasons: to restore the soul of this nation, rebuild its backbone — the middle class, and unify all Americans.

We know in our bones this election is different. We have a president who promotes hate and division. Encourages white supremacists. Embraces dictators. And damages our alliances internationally.

Our politics traffics in division. And our president is the divider in chief.

Every day we are being reminded what this election is about. Who we are. What we stand for. What we believe. I am running to offer our country a different path – not back to a past that never was, but to a future that fulfills our true potential as a country.

We have to rebuild the backbone of this nation – the middle class. And this time make sure everyone comes along, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or disability.

The poor are getting poorer and the bottom is falling out of the middle class. Income inequality is on the rise — made worse by the Trump tax cut that was a giant give-away to the super-wealthy.

It’s time to reward work, not just wealth. On day one, I’ll move to: eliminate the Trump tax cut for the super-wealthy, cut the unjustified loopholes in our tax code, and use that money to invest in America’s future.

We need to defend and build on the Affordable Care Act. I was proud every day to serve alongside President Obama as Vice President – but never more so than the day the Affordable Care Act passed. Now we have to finish the job.

Under my plan, everyone will have the option to buy into a public health plan like Medicare. And we’ll guarantee that the poor – who otherwise would be covered by the Medicaid expansion – are automatically covered, free of charge.

We have to transform education. We’ll provide universal Pre-K, triple Title I funding, raise teacher pay, double the number of mental health professionals in our schools, and eliminate disparities between rich and poor schools. 

Climate change is an existential threat. We have to take urgent, drastic action now to address the climate emergency. On day one, I’ll take the bold action necessary to tackle this crisis head-on and rally the world to raise our ambitions. 

We can do all this and more – all that stands in the way is a broken political system. We have to unite this country. And we can do it without compromising our principles. That’s the only way we’re going to be able to harness the incredible potential of the American people.

We have to choose hope over fear, truth over lies, and unity over division. I hope you’ll tune in tonight as we discuss these important issues and more. If you like what you hear, I ask you to join us by signing up at . Let’s get to work.

I’m about to take the debate stage. The large, diverse Democratic field is evidence of our party's strength. And above all, we all agree that we need to make Donald Trump a one-term president. #DemDebate

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