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I think maps should be fair & that the party with the most votes should ideally always win the most seats so long as voters of color have an equal ability to elect their chosen candidates. That means every state legislature regardless of partisan control should have #FairMaps now

But in Congress, where the GOP can gerrymander multiple times more districts than Dem, Dem unilateral disarmament is self-defeating: Dems should draw the states they can until the nationwide effect balances out or Congress passes a national reform, which House Dems did this year

I realize this may be an unpopular opinion, but we have nationalized elections for the U.S. House. And if the voting public sees gerrymandering as something only the GOP does instead of a "pox on both houses" both parties thing, GOP partisans will never support reforms

But to reiterate, avoiding unilateral congressional disarmament doesn't give Dems any license to gerrymander state legislatures like MD's to lock in an unfair advantage. When New Jersey Dems tried the same thing earlier this year, I wrote this opposing it 

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