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All right, people, I'm watching this miserable thing, and I'm gonna tweet snarky tweets throughout, to keep myself sane. If that's not your cup of tea, mute this thread. For the rest of you ... [sighs, cracks knuckles] ... let's do this. #DemDebate

Oh we're going *straight* to "how will you pay for it?" this time. Bodes well.

I hate this question so much. Why is it "objective" or "tough" or any more accurate to focus narrowly on costs rather than benefits?

Cracking a beer.

Harris coming out strong! And then cut straight to this pale, wan, useless guy telling Dems to be scared of what Republicans might say about them. What a contrast.

Bennet is trying so hard to make "universal health care, but slower & more complicated" a thing ...

Yang making a pretty dang good case for a UBI! At least as good as you can make in 60 seconds. I at least hope he causes some people to Google "value added tax."

All the sudden I'm listening to Eric Swalwell!

Biden is saying something but all I can think about is how much Swalwell looks like he's wearing one of those human-face masks from Mission: Impossible.

You are not gonna out-yell Bernie. Bernie has been yelling since before you were born.

Welp, Harris just won the most-headlines contest.

I think Pete did pretty well with that answer -- good combination of wonky seriousness & personal touch.

OMFG I'm so sorry y'all and I know this will make my TL miserable, but I *cannot stand* Bernie's relentless, unmodulated yelling. Just yelling, yelling, yelling in my face. I have a very negative instinctive reaction to old white men yelling in my face.

Oh THAT'S Marianne Williamson!

What is it about Michael Bennet's upper row of teeth that he is so determined to keep hidden? It makes me suspicious.

This is such an absurd, demagogic question.

Let the record show that Harris's emergency-room story was drawn from the brilliant reporting of @sarahkliff!  https://www.vox.com/health-care/2019/5/10/18526696/health-care-costs-er-emergency-room 

Pretty clear that Kamala Harris is killing this -- she's the only one with any breakout moments, and she's had multiple.

And Pete pretty clearly coming in at No. 2. Me likey that religion point *a lot*.

All of these people seem like they'd be better presidents than Donald Trump.

Oh God please don't let Chuck Todd ask another climate question ...

Wow that was a good, tough question from Maddow and a no-bullshit, no-excuses answer from Mayor Pete. Feel like I phase-shifted into another dimension's politics for a moment.

Holy shit, Harris is going after Biden on race! Daaaang this is touchy ... my palms are sweating.

When you are explaining the nuances of why you opposed busing ... you are losing.

Well, Harris just absolutely crushed Biden on that exchange -- left him sputtering & defensive. I have no idea what Biden's strategy is tonight, but he is not pulling it off.

Wait ... did Chuck Todd just ... ask a good question?

Pack the courts you coward.

Harris becomes the first candidate to say the words "Green New Deal" ... in an otherwise undistinguished & unremarkable climate answer.

Pete coming our for tax-and-dividend! Not my thing, but at least it's a friggin' policy and not just "yes this is a problem."

Ooh and a good question from Maddow! So much better than last night. Sadly it segues to Hicklenlooper rambling on with no particular point.

Ooh a second good climate question from Maddow! Blah blah from Biden. Pretty good stuff from Bernie. Then some blah blah from Williamson.

And a second good question from Todd! Where were these moderators last night.

I can't believe only Bennet & Hickenlooper said clearly that climate change would be their first priority! (Though I secretly like Pete's answer.)

So, I assume we're all in agreement that "call New Zealand on day one" is the best answer of the night?

It really is striking.

Marianne Williamson made a lot of fans tonight.

Hello, New Zealand? It's me, Marianne.

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