Max Kennerly @MaxKennerly Trial lawyer by day. Cookie monster by night. Jun. 28, 2019 1 min read

Hickenlooper gets asked about socialism, says he lets Republican attack ads define who he is, then rapidly says how liberal he is.

Sanders given a chance to respond, briefly (and rightly!) cites favorable polls, then rapidly says Trump is bad.

This format sucks so much.

Gillibrand seems to have noticed how in the last debate interrupting worked, and so is constantly interrupting and talking for too long.

Can't say I blame her, the format encourages it and the moderators don't stop it soon enough.

This format sucks so much.

A random crank from the Internet isn't wearing a tie and I think is advocating a VAT tax but he's talking so quickly and mixing in so many things like automation that I don't really know what his point is, but he seems to slowed down to deliver a burn about Biden's age.

This sounds about right, and they might as well have encouraged the candidates to talk over each other, since they're not doing anything useful about it...

... and as I typed that, Harris's "food fight" comment was savvy and perfectly timed.

Buttigieg's "Medicare for all who want it" was solid, Biden's reply was good but even he winced while saying he wanted to keep the exchanges, then Sanders made a good point about it being cheaper elsewhere, but totally dodged the "how" followup.

A decent exchange, all in all...

... and then some crank who sells essential oils gave a completely non-responsive argument with all kinds of quackery embedded in it. Why is she here again?

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