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(referring only to how I think they did tonight—no other generalization—with rankings between and within tiers)

1⃣ Harris (big gap) Buttigieg

(big gap)

2⃣ Swalwell, then Biden, then Gillibrand, then Sanders
3⃣ Bennet, then Hickenlooper, then Yang, then Williamson

(I took into account where a person's starting-point was, thus Swalwell's higher-than-expected positioning, but also how they presented on TV, thus knocking Bennet down a few pegs)

(I would further say that, unlike yesterday, basically everyone in Tier 2 and below had either a middling or a bad debate, so please don't think me putting Swalwell in Tier 2 is necessarily a significant compliment; as ever, everything is relative)

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