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Dear Senator @TomCottonAR,

Not this again🤦‍♀️

As I explained to @KatrinaPierson, the history of the two parties is a bit more complicated than that.

Please see the link in the next tweet.

Senator, you should read up on the history of our parties! It's fascinating stuff!


Attached is a history of the parties in 25 tweets.

(Simple lies are easier to tell the complex truth)

Tweet 2, final sentence should be: Dems vetoed funds for canals because they understood such infrastructure would benefit the industrial north.

Yes, I agree.

Sometimes, though, it's hard to tell whether a person is faking ignorant or is really ignorant.

I've also written about why the GOP base accepts the lies from their leadership. I'll put that link in the next tweet, if anyone missed it.

This article was about Trump's lies, but it applies to Senators as well.

Reading the comments: I didn't know @TomCottonAR is writing a history of the GOP.

Weird moment in history when we watch leaders shamelessly tell baldfaced lies.

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