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For the first time in 15 years, the number of Chinese travelers to the U.S. dropped last year. But local tourism officials are not wringing their hands because they say Los Angeles County may be defying the national trend.  http://ow.ly/YwJU30p1JYe 

L.A. businesses say the stream of visitors from China has been helped by their efforts to make the city more inviting to Chinese tourists. For example, the Beverly Center accepts payments with a popular Chinese financial services company, UnionPay. 📸: Christina House

L.A.’s tourism board has created an online class for Chinese travel agents. Among the test questions to pass the class are: How far is Hollywood from the beach and what time does Universal Studios Hollywood open?  http://ow.ly/YwJU30p1JYe 

Tourism officials nationwide have been watching Chinese visitation numbers because the travelers typically spend more per visit than any other tourist. The Chinese middle class, estimated at more than 400 million people, is growing and primed to travel.  http://ow.ly/YwJU30p1JYe 

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