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JUST IN: President Trump meets with Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman at G-20 in Japan, calls him "a friend of mine" and says that he's done "really a spectacular job" and that it's a "great honor" to meet with him.

President Trump, while meeting with Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman at G-20, declines to answer question about the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

White House: President Trump had a productive meeting with Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman, discussing Saudi Arabia’s role in global oil markets, the growing threat from Iran, increased trade and investments between the two countries, and the importance of human rights issues.

President Trump says he's "extremely angry" about Khashoggi killing, but says "nobody so far has pointed directly a finger" at Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman.

In Nov, CIA concluded bin Salman ordered the killing.

Last week, UN report found "credible evidence" he could be liable.

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