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Grotesque is the only word that comes to mind

1/ By the way, according to my research for PROOF OF CONSPIRACY, the *maximum* number of U.S. jobs created by Saudi arms purchases is 17,500... and that's a *generous* figure. "One million" is a bald-faced, *outrageous* lie that, per usual, he delivers dead-eyed and dead-tongued.

2/ MBS is a crazy, murdering sonofabitch who deposed his relative (by torturing him) to become the crown prince. That relative was one of our greatest allies. MBS followed that up by arresting and torturing (and stealing over $130 billion from) Saudi Arabia's richest citizens.

3/ Do you know what MBS *actually* does to women who militate for more rights in Saudi Arabia? He has them arrested and tortured (his preferred method is electrocution) and threatened with rape. *That's* the man whose rule Trump praises. It's humiliating to America to watch that.

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