Ryan Devereaux @rdevro reporter @theintercept — immigration. drug war. national security. Jun. 29, 2019 1 min read

A few words about @thenib.

First, it’s the best. It really is. There’s nothing like it.

A few months back, I was got to write a comic for the Family issue — beautifully illustrated by @kagwheeler — and still consider it one of the greatest, coolest privileges I’ve had as a journalist.  https://thenib.com/crossed-family-separation?id=ryan-devereaux&t=author 

As far as humans go, the folks behind @thenib are as good as it gets. That’s what you get when you have @mattbors steering the ship.

You can still support @thenib and you should!

Become a member right now. It’s cheap, it’s easy and the print magazine really is a beautiful, one of a kind product.  https://membership.thenib.com/#levels 


You can follow @rdevro.


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