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Top exporters of plastic waste, US and Japan declined to sign G-7 Plastics Charter. As for “plant-based plastic” for packaging rice balls, while that may seem like a positive step, remember that growing rice is one of largest human souces of methane, accelerating global warming.

2. While climate change activists focus on fossil-fuel powered cars and plants, rice 🍚 escapes attention: More carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and rising temperatures are now causing rice agriculture to release more of the potent greenhouse gas methane for each kg of 🍚 grown.

3. So while public focuses on changing behaviors (consume less rice and meat; switch to electric vehicles; fly less; avoid single-use plastic), leaders at G-20 have a golden opportunity to drastically reduce planet warming emissions from their militaries by striking peace deals.

4. But this can’t happen unless the mainstream media do a better job of pointing out the link between global warming and wars/conflict/military footprints - I have yet to see a single piece from NYT, WSJ, CNN, MSNBC flag this link in their G-20 coverage.

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