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(Thread) Roundup

Since returning from Texas, I’ve written 9 threads !!

My intent is to write 3 per week. But stuff keeps happening.

Here they are, in case you missed any:

Let’s start with this one. Responding to Jim Jordan’s latest nonsense:

2/ Prepare yourself for more GOP lawbreaking:

3/ Responding to some nonsense from a Breitbart editor about asylum seekers.

(later that day she deleted her tweet- a small victory for truth.)

4/ A thread about E. Jean Carroll’s sexual assault allegations and GOP cynicism.

(BTW, in #2, I did not mean to imply, BTW, that Carroll is not beautiful. I was commenting on what Trump’s “defense” tells us about the speaker and culture he inhabits.]

5/ Here’s a thread on the use of outrage, including a discussion of how Trump creates and harnesses outrage:

6/ The Paranoid Style tells us much about current politics:

7/ Here I answered a question about the FISA warrant (and why the GOP keeps misstating facts about the FISA warrant.)

I like getting questions, by the way, but I can’t answer them all.
Also, sometimes good questions get buried and I don’t see them.

8/ Musing on the word “corruption” and how different parts of the political spectrum use the word differently:

9/ A twitter follower asked about the “crisis of legitimacy” experienced by the far left.

I’m currently working on a thread about the latest Supreme Court rulings. I’ll have it ready in a day or so.

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