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Everything takes lots of water 💦 to produce. 1 glass of wine 🍷 = 109 liters of water 💦

One year South Africa’s wine industry was boasting about wine exports. Next year they were hit with a severe drought and people began lamenting all the “hidden” water that got exported.

2. Population growth, combined with the record drought and wine production that guzzles up precious water is fuelling one of the most dramatic urban water crises in South Africa’s history that has people lining up for 💦 rationed in presence of armed guards (“Day Zero”).

3. Community efforts across Cape Town to combat its water crisis last year: Bathroom signs advising “If it’s yellow, let it mellow...”; businesses initiated “dirty shirt” challenges to see who could go the most days without washing their clothes… 

4. To activate the community into water conservation, municipalities ratcheted up drought-awareness campaigns, publishing weekly updates on regional dam levels and using electronic boards on freeways to notify drivers of the number of days of water supply Cape Town had left.

5. Farmers across South Africa agreed to divert water to civilian use. Its $3 billion wine industry employing several hundred thousand people suffered even more setbacks. People learned to wash, flush, cook and drink using just the official daily limit — 50 liters (13 gallons).

6. Our planet 🌍 is covered in water. Just 2.5% of that, however, is fresh. Of that, only a third is liquid. The rest is locked up as ice.

That isn’t much freshwater. Yet we depend on it for everything. In the US 🇺🇸, each person uses an average of 340 liters/90 gallons/day.

7. Education (restaurants, bars can play a big part in this) can help people conserve water - is it better for your health to consume half a pound of meat 🥩 or should you consume maybe a quarter pound, saving thousands of liters of water (and maybe drink more water instead)?

8. Often when we feel hungry it’s a sign that we haven’t been drinking enough water (our brain 🧠 needs lots of 💦 to function properly) so we reach out for food which contains water, fulfilling the brain’s craving - but try drinking more water at regular intervals instead.

9. So this may sound counterintuitive but by drinking more water at regular intervals we can actually help conserve water 💦 by avoiding unnecessary consumption of food (🥩🍷🍕🎂🍩🍦🍙🍛🍚 🧀) that requires exponentially more water to produce per pound.

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