Ben See+ Your Authors @ClimateBen Literature Teacher informing pupils of the scientific reality of the Ecological Catastrophe & urging them to act. See also @urgenceclimatiq & @ClimateHound Jun. 29, 2019 1 min read + Your Authors


1. The Ocean is suffocating.
2. Forests are being annihilated.
3. Pollinators are being wiped out.
4. Billions need climate chaos help.
5. Large mammals won't survive.
6. Our crops will soon fail.
7. Extinction is accelerating.
8. Plastic is in our lungs.

9. to 100.👇

9. Arctic Ice is disappearing.
10. Antarctica is collapsing.
11. The Amazon is dying.
12. Rivers are toxic.
13. The Air is poisonous.
14. Coral reefs are doomed.
15. Millions - mostly black and brown children, women & men - are dying due to the Ecological Catastrophe, every year.

16. Greenland ice is melting.
17. Heatwaves will kill billions.
18. Mass Starvation has begun.
19. BILLIONS, yes, mostly black & brown children, women & men, seem set to die in the Ecological and Global Warming Catastrophe - unless all systems are revolutionised towards justice.

20. The seasons are forever broken.
21. Permafrost is collapsing.😱
22. Mega-storms are getting worse.
23. Bees are critically endangered.
24. Corporate capitalism has wrecked our natural world, but it is never be too late to organise fairer societies based on real cooperation.

25. Insects are vanishing.
26. The Ocean is acidifying.
27. Seabirds are starving.
28. Sea levels are rising.
29. Fertile soils are disappearing.
30. Scientists see that, alongside fossil fuel burning, animal agriculture is a major cause of this ecological and climate nightmare.

31. The jet stream is fractured.
32. Glaciers are melting.
33. Orangutans face annihilation.
34. Sharks are being wiped out.
35. Butterflies are in danger.
36. Fish are disappearing.
37. Plankton are dying.
38. Deserts are expanding.
39. Mountains are being destroyed.

40. Trees are diseased.
41. Beaches are being washed away
42. Lakes are shrinking.
43. Waterfalls are dry.
44. Giraffes will soon be gone.
45. Starfish are being massacred.
46. Frogs are near extinction.
47. Whales are committing suicide.
48. Worms are struggling to live.

49. Tropical diseases will explode.
50. Plant extinction is out of control.

Humans must create fair systems of energy use, and consume and waste the absolute bare minimum if we want to survive.


We have to get the word out using social media.


51 - 100 to be added soon...

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