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5000 liters of water go into making and shipping one high quality wool suit; add 5000 liters more to complete the “western leader” outfit that involves a silk tie, cotton shirt, leather belt, shoes 👔🧵👞= 10,000 liters of water 💦 for *one outfit* (>300,000 liters in this photo)

2. To make one “western leader” outfit, countries like Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, Honduras - or wherever shirts, ties, shoes…are made/sourced from - supply thousands of liters of their own water and take on the associated ecological and health burden (from fumes, dyes etc).

3. To keep a “western leader” cool comfortable in his or her suit in the increasingly hotter summers, airconditioners are cranked up and often this electric ⚡️ power comes from burning fossil fuels 🏭 - another way the “suit” exerts an environmental toll we often overlook.

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