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Kenton Stacy, a 34-year-old master technician with the Navy’s bomb squad, was due home in three weeks from his deployment in Syria when a bomb exploded. It would change his and his family’s life forever, writes @sdutwilkens of @sdut:

Before the explosion, Stacy loved sports, BMX biking and jumping over bonfires. He married his childhood sweetheart and together they had four children.

The blast paralyzed Stacy from the chest down and left him blind in an eye and missing six inches of his trachea. That he survived was a miracle.

After more than a year of regular hospitalizations and constant struggles, Stacy finally returned to his family in San Diego. On the day of his homecoming in April, he was greeted by applause from dozens of Navy soldiers. “Welcome home, brother,” they said.

Read more about the brotherhood of the Navy’s bomb squad here:

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