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It's ALIVE!!... well, almost. @caseyhen and I are sending out our first beta invite emails for the SparkToro audience intelligence product next week. If you wanna be on the list:  https://sparktoro.com/product 

Our beta shows off 3 connected tools, all running off a 70M+ web & social profile database:
1) Audience Intel - find sources that influence any given audience
2) Compare - see the similarities & differences between groups
3) Profile Search - get intel about a specific source

Audience Intelligence lets you search by how people describe themselves, what they talk about online, and social accounts/websites/hashtags they follow/share/use.

Compare Audiences will show you how two different groups overlap, what attributes they have in common, what they collectively & individually follow, and more

Profile search lets you query for any social account or website we've got data on, including traffic estimates (thanks to @jumpshotinc), followers across social channels, frequently used words in the bios of their followers/sharers, and more.

There's plenty of work left, but it's getting there! Most exciting to me:
- this info is currently next-to-impossible to get at scale
- 98% of the time, results make sense; they *feel* right
- the speed at which you can learn about any audience/field w this data is mind-blowing

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