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Hundreds of thousands of US, South Korean, Japanese troops would rather wake up to news that their leaders are talking and smiling and shaking hands vs firing rockets and angry tweets at each other. US taxpayers spent $1 trillion to maintain troops in the region since Korean War.

2. The $1 trillion US taxpayers spent on maintaining troops to defend South Korea and Japan from North Korean threat could’ve wiped out all student debt. Or could’ve gone toward ensuring quality, affordable housing, education and healthcare for low income US citizens.

3. This tenuous peace managed by the presence of US troops has come at a tremendous environmental and health cost for multiple generations of humans and marine life. 

Unlike the Vietnam War, the Korean War got little media attention in the US due to censorship – its civilian death rate was higher than WW2 and Vietnam War – by some estimates, 2.5 million civilians were killed. Some iconic photos from the “Forgotten War” 

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