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1. This Taylor Swift tumblr post is wild!

She says @scooterbraun bullied her for years. And she brings back up the controversy with Kim and Kanye!

All of this is coming up because Scooter bought her old record company which owns her masters.


2. I suspect Taylor is going to win this battle not only because she’s in the right, but artists will stick together on stuff like this. I’m seeing lots of tweets saying that major artists are unfollowing Scooter on social media. Can any reporters confirm that?

3. Justin Bieber just posted this on his Instagram. Starts off with an apology but then turns into a critical post.

4. Retweeted by Scooter Braun

5. Yael Cohen Braun, the founder and CEO of @letsfcancer, and Scooter Braun’s wife, just posted this note addressed to Taylor Swift on her verified Instagram account.

6. Omg @todrick just posted these two tweets. He says that in his mind @scooterbraun is an “evil person” and “homophobic.”

7. Wow. In response to @todrick’s posts above, @AllisonKaye (a manager at Scooter Braun’s company) says they were the ones who dropped Todrick, not the other way around

They also accuse him of stealing from fans?!?

But then he posted the email where he fired Scooter!

8. More from @todrick!

9. Holy cow. Now @eriklogan_elo, who was the president of the Oprah Winfrey Network for seven years (he just left late last year), has posted this open letter to Taylor

He calls her a liar among other things

Erik is on the board of Big Machine Records, Taylor’s former record co

10. Wow! Now Demi Lovato is getting involved. She is a Scooter Braun client and posted this on her Instagram stories.

Then she commented on @todrick’s Instagram post and said he shouldn’t call Scooter homophobic! (Scroll up to see what Todrick said)

11. @scottborchetta, who ran Taylor's former record co posted this statement linked below

He also posted what he says are text exchanges between him and Taylor

This image is what he says is final offer to Taylor which would have given her the masters


12. Important to note that last weekend, @scooterbraun posted this photo on his IG of him and his wife @yael along with @karliekloss and Josh Kushner.

Karlie has always been a very close friend of Taylor’s.

This is interesting....

13. Someone call Clarence Avant and get everyone in a room.

14. @todrick is back and tweeting about Demi Lovato’s messages and her comment on his IG post (see #10)

15. I’m shaking.

Look who “liked” @yael’s IG post....

And on the last day of pride!!!

16. One of the big questions today. Will @taylorswift13 re-record her last six albums in order to get around the issue of Scooter Braun owning her masters? Of course she'd rather own the masters but will Scooter leave her with no choice but to take this route?

17. Taylor's former record company owns the masters, which means they own the recordings of her music and will make money when albums are sold, when those recordings are used in movies, commercials, etc. Taylor controls her publishing (the songwriting).


18. So what Taylor can do is re-record all of her songs and put those albums out. First, her loyal fans will start to buy and stream those albums and they will no longer buy and stream the albums from her old record company.

That immediately devalues her old masters

19. With respect to licensing etc, Taylor could refuse to grant permission for songs from her old albums to be licensed and only grant licensing for music from her re-recorded albums.

Bottom line: this is a messy situation!

20. @eriklogan_elo has now deleted the tweets that I’ve included in the tweet below as screenshots.

21. If you think things have calmed down since yesterday, you’re wrong!

Scooter Braun is reposting posts from people who are defending him on Instagram.

22. Let's talk about this pic and how it relates to what's going on today. This is Taylor w/ @scottborchetta who runs her former record co Big Machine.

On the right is Lucian Grainge who runs @UMG where Taylor is currently signed

Both of these men are in business with Scooter

23. Scooter has said in the past that Lucian is a big mentor of his and Scooter's record label School Boy Records is distributed by @UMG which Lucian runs.

Also, Scooter and Lucian have homes next to each other in Palm Springs.

24. It's kind of wild, Taylor is at war with Scooter who controls her masters and he is in business (and lives next to) her current label chief, Lucian!

25. Yael Cohen Braun just posted this on her Instagram with this caption:

“Time to cool off”

26. @Sia, the singer and songwriter, has come out in support of Scooter Braun. Sia is one of the most successful and prolific songwriters in the business. She’s written big hits for/with Beyoncé, Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Britney Spears

27. Like I said...go back to #18.

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