Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @AOC Congresswoman for NY-14 (the Bronx & Queens). In a modern, moral, and wealthy society, no American should be too poor to live. 💯% People-Funded, no lobbyist💰. Jun. 30, 2019 1 min read

As always, I‘m proud of my work in restaurants.

I also worked for Sen. Ted Kennedy, piloted literacy projects in the South Bronx, studied Development Economics in W Africa, served as an Educational Director & won international science competitions before I ran for office, too.

Working people that GOP dismiss as “just a waitress/cook/etc” contain multitudes, & are just as capable & intelligent as anyone.

Classism - judging someone’s character by their income - is disappointing to see from them.

What is so appalling to GOP about having an honest job?

Some of the most nuanced, intelligent, & grounded people I‘ve ever met weren’t at BU, MIT or Harvard events when I was a student.

They were the plumbers & waitresses I hung out with at happy hour, who had ferocious intellectual curiosity *and* a lived context of the real world.

In other words, Republicans who criticize my being a waitress as evidence of lacking skill can take their classism to the trash.

You are insulting the capacities and potential of virtually every working person in America (&the 🌎) for having experience that’s earned, not bought.

(And that’s if they even take out their own trash, which I doubt)

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