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A massive surge in online gambling is transforming the Philippines. Companies are catering to players in China, where rising incomes have unleashed a wide-scale desire to wager.  https://lat.ms/2FK9zPt 

The gleaming gambling houses and hotels in Entertainment City have helped turn the Philippines into Asia’s third-most lucrative gambling destination, just behind Singapore and very far behind world-leading Macau.

The biggest bets in the Philippines are being placed remotely. Proxy betting, as the practice is called, is outlawed in all but only a handful of countries because little is known about the remote gamblers.

Much of the money generated in offshore gaming changes hands illegally. To sustain itself, the offshore gaming industry in the Philippines will need stronger regulations to protect customers, who stand to lose tens of thousands of dollars.  https://www.latimes.com/world/asia/la-fg-philippines-china-gambling-20190701-story.html 

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