Shannon Watts @shannonrwatts Founder of @MomsDemand, grassroots army of @Everytown. The @NRA’s worst nightmare. Author of “Fight Like A Mother.” IG: Jul. 01, 2019 1 min read

THIS. There’s no data showing active shooter drills are effective, but there is data showing they cause anxiety and depression in kids. Schools can opt to train adult staff, but let’s stop traumatizing our kids.

Most important, let’s keep guns away from dangerous people.

.@MomsDemand volunteers who are teachers have told me these drill make kids afraid to go to school and give them nightmares; many kids don’t go to the bathroom because they’re afraid they’ll be stuck outside their class during a drill (some tiny kids even pee in their pants).

One volunteer talks about how her 6-year-old won’t wear her favorite sneakers to school - the kind that light up - because “the bad man” might see her and shoot her and all of her friends.

We don’t have to live like this. Our kids shouldn’t be afraid they’ll die like this.

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