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Yet again, Donald Trump has demonstrated that he is more concerned with a photo op for himself than getting results for the American people. He has repeatedly elevated Kim Jong Un — a murderous tyrant — on the international stage in exchange for almost nothing.

In this case, all Trump achieved was a mere promise to restart working-level negotiations — negotiations that should have never ended.

Diplomacy is important, but diplomacy requires a strategy, a process, and competent leadership to deliver. After three made-for-TV summits, we still don't have a single concrete commitment from North Korea.

Not one missile or nuclear weapon has been destroyed, not one inspector is on the ground. If anything, the situation has gotten worse. North Korea has continued to churn out fissile material and is no longer an isolated pariah on the world stage.

And even as Trump has rushed to legitimize a dictator in North Korea with dozens of nuclear weapons, he trashed the Iran nuclear deal — a deal that was working to keep Iran far away from a single nuclear bomb.

Iran needs to get back into compliance with its nuclear commitments, but Trump appears to have no plan for ensuring that result either. His policy of maximum pressure has produced worse than minimum results.

Iran has now restarted its nuclear program and has become more, rather than less, aggressive. Trump's Iran policy has alienated us from our allies and taken us to the brink of another war in the Middle East.

Everything this president does is backwards.

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