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The FBI believed that Andrew Intrater's entity sent $583,332.98 to Michael Cohen's shell company and that Intrater's entity was controlled by his cousin, Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg.

Intrater, denying that, sued to unblock his assets.

via NYT 

Note: I deleted an earlier tweet to clarify that Intrater himself is not under sanctions but is suing to unblock assets allegedly tied to his sanctioned Russian oligarch cousin, Viktor Vekselberg

As the NYT story notes, neither Intrater nor Vekselberg's names appeared in Mueller's report, and neither was charged. This is a passage from Michael Cohen's unsealed search warrants of FBI tracing cash to Essential Consultants.

Background from March: 

I should specify, not mentioned in the *public* part of Mueller's report, and as @emptywheel notes, some tantalizing redactions in the search warrants too.

Now, in "Let's Go Crazy, Let's Get Nuts" territory, Intrater's lawsuit alleges that some of the blocked assets involve loans to the heirs to the fortune of Prince, the late pop icon:

“Upon information and belief, none of the heirs to Prince’s estate is subject to OFAC sanctions"

ICYMI: My coverage of the new lawsuit @CourthouseNews.

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