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Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs was found dead today in Texas. He was 27.  https://lat.ms/304hgYu 

A star talent early-on, Skaggs was drafted by the Angels out of Santa Monica High and later spent time with the Arizona Diamondbacks, before coming back to the Angels in 2013.  https://lat.ms/2LuJFTn 

The sports world took to social media to react to Skagg’s passing, with players and Major League Baseball teams posting messages of sympathy and remembrance.  https://lat.ms/2JhJmIZ 

The Times’ @latsondheimer reflects on the first time he met Skaggs, writing: “I will remember the smile and spirit he always showed during his Santa Monica High days. He's left us but won't be forgotten.”  https://lat.ms/2J4pLgA 

With his untimely passing, Skaggs joins the ranks of other talented MLB players who died while still playing in the majors or minors.  https://lat.ms/2XGigEy 

Fans gathered outside Angel Stadium upon hearing of Skaggs' death.  https://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-tyler-skaggs-angels-fans-stadium-pictures-20190701-photogallery.html 

"Skaggs could appreciate his place in Angels lore. He followed the team obsessively as a teenager. He attended playoff games at Angel Stadium. He could rattle off the names of early-round draft picks," @McCulloughTimes writes in his obituary of Skaggs.

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