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At $120 million, the Manor in Holmby Hills is the largest single-family home sale ever in Los Angeles County. Take a look inside:  http://ow.ly/9iUh30p365f 

The Manor was originally built for late producer Aaron Spelling and his widow, Candy Spelling, and completed in 1991. Nicknamed “Candyland” for Candy, the 56,500-square-foot chateau is about as big as a football field.

The original landscaping included 60 fully grown trees for the six-acre site, which once belonged to singer Bing Crosby. The Spellings employed a staff of 30 to run the estate.

Amenities included multiple gift-wrapping rooms, a barber shop, a flower-cutting room, a basement bowling alley with a shoe closet and a French wine and cheese room.

Petra Stunt, whose father is racing magnate Bernie Ecclestone, updated the home during her ownership. The Manor’s sale is a welcomed boon for a luxury residential market that has cooled significantly year over year.  https://www.latimes.com/business/realestate/hot-property/la-fi-hotprop-manor-holmby-hills-120-million-price-record-20190701-story.html 

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