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Sloppy work by Nike - to further the myth that Betsy Ross designed the first American flag - she did not. That credit should go to Francis Hopkinson (a signer of Declaration of Independence). Ross’ circle of stars appeared after Hopkinson's original design (below).

2. The legend of Betsy Ross as the designer of the first flag entered into American consciousness around the 1876 centennial celebrations, owing to the efforts of her grandson, William Canby. This flag then came into popular use as a commemoration of the nation's birth.

3. Hopkins’ letter to Congress asking for compensation was almost comical. He asked for a quarter cask of wine in payment for designing the US flag and the Great Seal of the United States. Congress refused to pay him, however, arguing he was already paid as a public servant.

4. If someone at Nike had done some Googling, they might have gone with Francis Hopkins’ version of the flag to commemorate 4th of July and this Betsy Ross flag controversy could have been avoided, though I wonder if activists will soon demand Washington be removed from currency.

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