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As San Francisco DA, Kamala Harris prosecuted Jamal Trulove for a murder he didn’t commit. Worse, she never held the police & prosecutors who framed him accountable. Now, as she seeks the Democratic nomination, @jamaltrulove says, “That Black man was me." 

If you're taking exception here because Kamala Harris didn't personally prosecute the case then, with due respect, you don't understand how DA's offices work.

Kamala Harris was San Francisco DA.

When people took issue with the failure to prosecute Harvey Weinstein for sex crimes, it was rightly with Manhattan DA Cy Vance.

Linda Fairstein was the head of Manhattan's Sex Crimes Unit. She didn't personally prosecute the Central Park 5 case. Was she involved and culpable? Yes.

I practice in Manhattan and Brooklyn. There are approx. 400 ADAs in each borough. The DAs in both boroughs have policies that require oversight of major decisions in serious felony cases. Absolutely in murder cases.

San Francisco is a smaller jurisdiction than either Brooklyn or Manhattan. There is no doubt Kamala Harris would have had personal involvement in this case.

Let's also not forget @jamaltrulove was a reality TV star, so this was a media case. Again, guaranteed involvement by DA.

And, if she had had zero involvement, that would be equally terrible, because it would suggest she had no authority to even check police and prosecutorial misconduct or had just let her office run amok.

The issues now are what did she know, why didn't she do anything to hold the people involved to account, and why won't she own her own record?

I LOVED the way she crushed Biden. I would just like to see her hold herself to the same standard.

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