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My latest for @thefix:

Democrats merged their two-pronged legal approach yesterday in suing for Trump’s tax returns.

Will it work? 

Among the questions the court may consider:

- Do Dems have an oversight/legislative purpose for getting the returns?
- Is there a pretextual motive (i.e. publicly releasing Trump’s returns)?
- Would pretext matter?
- Do Dems need a legislative purpose? 

Federal judge Trevor McFadden, who is handling the House Democratic lawsuit for Trump’s tax returns, will likely start with the issue of “standing."

Last month, he ruled the House lacked standing to sue Trump for transferring money for his border-wall. 

House Democrats appear increasingly unlikely to secure President Trump’s tax returns before the 2020 presidential election, @JStein_WaPo, @rachaelmbade & @JaxAlemany report.

This week, attorneys for Ways and Means asked the judge to expedite the case. 

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