Janelle Shane @JanelleCShane Research Scientist in optics. Plays with neural networks. Avid reader, writer, and player of Irish flute. she/her. wandering.shop/@janellecshane Jul. 03, 2019 1 min read

Always ask what training data the AI learned from. Here,
- 16 men and 8 women (probably young & non-disabled)
- pretending to walk with emotion
- auto-transformed to stick figures
- and then 'true' emotions labeled by remote MTurk workers
- ignoring actor's intended emotion

And what about training data for AIs used to identify potential aggression? Or to analyze videos of job candidates?
Every time I see stuff like this I think of CIMON annoying an astronaut with its emotion detection.  https://qz.com/1482839/the-iss-has-a-robot-on-board-and-hes-being-kind-of-a-dick/ 

I'm so excited to see this application happen though:

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