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My new post: I’m not entirely convinced that Democrats should hold a climate debate, but if they do, they should make it a good one. Here are 10 questions for moderators, focused on what counts: power and policy.  https://www.vox.com/energy-and-environment/2019/7/3/20678520/democratic-debate-2019-climate-change-dnc-questions?utm_campaign=drvox&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter 

One question that didn't make the list (figured I'd call it out before someone yells at me about it): innovation! What is it, actually, and what kind of policies spur it?

In researching today's piece, I remembered waaay back in Nov. 2007, when @Grist & @LCV co-hosted a climate & energy forum for Democratic candidates -- exactly what people are proposing today. Clinton, Edwards, & Kucinich showed up. I co-moderated.  https://grist.org/article/forum2/ 

It looks like the video has vanished (thank jebus) but the transcript is still available:  https://grist.files.wordpress.com/2007/11/grist_presidential_forum_on_climate__17_nov-_2007.pdf 

My one clear memory from that whole episode is Dennis Kucinich's incredibly firm handshake. He's a small guy, but in person, he *radiated* health & vitality. Plus he was accompanied by his towering, beautiful super-genius redhead wife, so ... an altogether striking couple!

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