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The Red Sea Saudi city Jeddah will host, in the midst of loosening restrictions on entertainment, the "Megatron" rapper at the 2019 Jeddah World Fest (July 18). Broadcasted globally and covered by MTV, other performers include British artist Liam Payne and American DJ Steve Aoki.

2. Western artists have long received handsome pay to perform (often privately) in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE. In 1996, Saudi Prince Al Waleed (investor in Twitter, Citicorp, Euro Disney, Four Seasons, Saks 5th) and Michael Jackson announced a multimillion dollar partnership.

3. The famously conservative Kingdom has recently allowed inclusive, mix-gendered music concerts, where men and women hit the dance floor together. Thousands of tourists from 80 countries received the new "sharek" visa to attend such concerts.

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