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"Overcrowding was so severe that when the agency’s internal inspectors visited some of the facilities, migrants banged on cells and pressed notes to windows begging for help.” 

A pediatrician who visited the Ursula detention facility found evidence of child:

- Malnutrition
- Dehydration
- Psychological trauma

Though 72 hours is the longest a minor can be legally confined in such a facility, some had been there almost a month. 

The Clint detention facility was never meant to hold more than 100 adult men.

In May it held 700 migrant children.

Border agents report:

- Scabies, shingles & chickenpox outbreaks
- Children going hungry
- Taking away beds from children to make space 

(Reuters) - U.N. human rights chief Michelle Bachelet is "appalled" at the conditions in which the United States is keeping detained migrants and refugees, including children, her office said in a statement on Monday. 

Child detention is creating a mental health crisis 

The US won't give flu vaccines to migrant families in detention facilities.

At least 3 children held in detention ctrs have died in recent months, in part, from the flu.

The US previously went almost a decade w/o a child dying in US immigration custody. 

Joint statement from Democratic Reps. Lucille Roybal-Allard and Rosa DeLauro on CBP not providing flu shots to detained migrants:

“The government has a legal and moral obligation to provide basic services to migrants in our care."

Health and Human Services inspector general findings on the effects of Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy on migrant children:

- Heightened anxiety
- Confusion
- Feelings of abandonment
- “Significant trauma"
- Post-traumatic stress
- Inconsolable crying 

"According to program directors and mental health clinicians, separated children exhibited more fear, feelings of abandonment, and post-traumatic stress than did children who were not separated.” 

Documents obtained by The Atlantic show the Obama and Trump admins “extensively” used solitary confinement for migrant detainees.

Reasons migrants were put in solitary confinement include menstruating on a prison uniform and asking for a cigarette. 

Migrants put in solitary confinement for hunger striking:

Obama officials in 2016: 27

Trump officials in 2017: 54

Force-feeding can constitute “ill treatment” that violates the U.N. Convention Against Torture. 

AP reporting from February:

"Last month, ICE began non-consensual feeding and hydration of numerous El Paso detainees after a federal judge issued a court order allowing them to be force-fed against their will.” 

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