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1. The asylum process could be streamlined by opening up more asylum processing centers in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras. People can remain in their countries instead of making risky journeys, paying coyotes thousand$, or burdening taxpayers while claims are processed.

2. A big reason migrants from Mexico and Central America come to the US is because we have a booming economy and they have family members and friends here who’ve greatly improved their lives. So how can we help these countries create better opportunities for their own citizens?

3. Droughts across Central America devastated farmers, causing hundreds of thousands of families to flee north to Mexico, US. “Climate refugees” are a thing we often overlook. Drought in Syria was one of the sparks that helped fan the civil war, migrant crisis in Europe, Brexit.

4. As Hillary Clinton acknowledged, immigration and influx of refugees caused rise of “populist” parties across Europe and Brexit and Trump’s shock win. Even if Trump is unable to duplicate that in 2020, the issue will remain. Will it create more hardline candidates/parties?

5. If CO2 emissions from US, Canada, European nations, China, India…are responsible for such droughts (US produces most planet-warming emissions/capita), world owes these farmers + their families (though countries will try to avoid such “reparations”)

6. Side note: I wish Nike had used a thumbnail of parched farmlands in Central America on their shoes, instead of the Betsy Ross flag, to bring attention to suffering of millions of people. Can we feel “free and proud” when so many 🌎 denizens are still struggling for the basics?

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