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A Geographic Breakdown of Crypto Twitter🌎🌍🌏

Overall 38.9% of total Bitcoin tweets come from the US and 10.5% from the UK.

The top five countries where Bitcoin is discussed on Twitter are the US, UK, Canada, Turkey, India, and Australia.


Among countries that represent at least .5% of total Bitcoin conversations, the following have been the most positive on average when talking about crypto:

1. Peru
2. Malaysia
3. Indonesia
4. Vietnam
5. Italy


Interestingly, Venezuela has recently seen the most negative Bitcoin tweets (62%). It would be interesting to hear theories on why people think that may be the case.

Mexico, Estonia, Brazil, and Ireland round out the 5 most negative.


The United States has been extremely positive, with 61.5% of BTC tweets being upbeat.

Globally 59.8% of Bitcoin tweets are positive.


To put into perspective how much the US dominates crypto twitter conversations we created a map showing the geographic distribution of Bitcoin tweets across the globe over the last 24 hours.

The blacker the country the more tweet volume it has.


Removing the United States and the UK, which combined represent nearly 50% of total Bitcoin tweets paints a more interesting picture of the 160+ countries tweeting about Bitcoin on a daily basis.


Interestingly, the United States represents an even larger proportion of Libra Coin tweets 43.8% than BTC 39.8%.

Like Bitcoin, the UK has the second most tweets on Libra. The UK is followed by France, Canada, and Australia as the country with the most Libra tweets.


While conversations on Libra originally tended to be more positive, today 54.8% of Libra Coin tweets were negative.

Libra tweets were most positive in the United Kingdom, but tended to be much less positive in the US and France - countries experiencing regulatory pushback.


If we look at other cryptos, the geographic distribution is not always the same. ChainLink, for example, which has quickly become one of the most discussed cryptos has a significantly different distribution.

The US absolutely dominates at 53%.


The Netherlands is actually the country with the second most #Link conversations, followed by the UK, Australia, Canada, and Denmark.

Turkey which has the fourth highest number of BTC tweets is 32nd for ChainLink, India - 5th for BTC is 12th for LINK.

Map below removes US


Finally we mapped countries by whether or not Tweets on Bitcoin within those countries tended to be positive or negative, the result is the map below.


We plan on continuing to explore in-depth geographic based sentiment trends.

We'd love to hear your feedback. What cryptos should we focus on next? What do you think explains differences in sentiment between many of these countries?

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